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The FlexBook Revolution is under way

Magnum Digital Solutions with inspiration from a leading printing conglomerate foresaw the changing tide in book manufacturing and seized the opportunity to innovate and help change the way books are produced. In today's economy, everyone has learned how to do more with less. Today's publishers are no different. Publishers must find ways to be more efficient financially and large inventories of unsold books is no longer viable. It is more efficient to print shorter runs, more repeatedly, than one initial long run. The latest technologies make this a reality today.

High speed ink jet printing has risen to the challenge with better quality and higher speeds. Combining these improvements with high quality, book block manufacture from cut sheet technology, not signatures, provides a better quality book for the short run market. Variabilty of the equipment means the printer can be in more markets than ever before with less capital investment. 

With 5 machines sold, and more opportunities on the horizon, the FlexBook Revolution is under way, and it is picking up steam every day!!

Stay close to the Magnum Digital Solutions web site as new ideas are being announced every day!!! 

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