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Magnum Digital Solutions Flex book advantages 



  1. Generates a fused book block for ease of handling.

  2. Flexibility in product sizes 4-10.5” wide and 6”-12” long

  3. Cut sheet minimizes standard trim waste requirements.
  4. Quality of book blocks — no bottling or shingling to contend with. 
  5. 43” Production width — up to 8 ribbon processing. 
  6. 2 Page/4 page breaks compared to 12 page increments with others.
  7. Multiple deliveries (4) for ease of speed upgrade path.
  8. 3 Second cycle times up to 80 books/minute on 4 deliveries. 
  9. 3 Second cycle times up to 60 books/minute on 3 deliveries.
  10. Local Support / Strong Development Partner in Magnum.
  11. Option for inline or offline solutions.
  12. Maximize web width requirements non-collect feature.
  13. Partnership opportunity for other solutions i.e. Saddle stitch, and signatures.
  14. Upgrade speed path to 600 fpm and beyond.
  15. Automated changeovers - state of the art software - Simotion
  16. Use of “Recipes” for repeatable job functions
  17. Remote Diagnostics via internet including video capabilities.
  18. On-Site development opportunity for feedback.
  19. ZMR — zero make ready for same size, same paper formats.
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